22 October 2009


How do you use StackOverflow and MathOverflow?

I sometimes find answers on StackOverflow while googling for technical problems. For example, yesterday I wanted to know what is a good way to center code typeset with the LaTeX package listings. I didn't find out, so I'm stuck with nesting four environments: figure, center, tabular, lstlisting. Instead, I found someone asking on StackOverflow how to top-align two listings that go on the same row of a tabular environment. There were a few overly complicated answers, so I added mine (\lstset{boxpos=t}). Notice that it's more of a coincidence that StackOverflow got involved—I never planned to answer a question there. In fact, whenever I feel like helping random people and I go to StackOverflow or MathOverflow and click on "Unanswered" I end up sad because I never know how to answer any question.

So, do you use these websites? If yes, then how do you interact with them?

PS: In other news, expect this blog to be quiet until next year. I'm suppose to write a dissertation. Wish me luck.

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