27 April 2015

Tree Buffers

Circular buffers are one of the most fundamental and pervasive data structures. They are an efficient implementation for buffering linear sequences. Tree buffers are a more general data structure.

03 April 2015

RIP Herman Conjecture (2005-2015)

In 1990, Herman proposed a sweet self-stabilizing protocol. In 2005, McIver and Morgan conjectured that its running time is $\frac{4}{27} N^2$. Well … they were right.

26 December 2014

Why I use MOOCs

I saw a Google Plus post saying ‘I hope to hear less about MOOCs in 2015’. Well, I hope to hear more. Here's why.

31 October 2014

Dynamic Dispatch

In which I explain how to solve puzzle questions involving dynamic dispatch.

28 October 2014

Why Do We Fail?

What is there to do if a problem refuses to be knocked down? There's a generic problem solving strategy for that.

13 October 2014

Research and Startups

In which I argue that research is an extreme form of startup.

05 October 2014

Nitpicking Distance

I recently wrote down what I thought is a completely standard definition of distance on graphs. I was asked if I'm sure that the definition is well-behaved. Well … let's see.