06 May 2017

Open Access

Preachy post about how I'm not preachy on the subject of open access.

07 February 2017

POPL 2017

Some things I learned by attending POPL talks.

12 November 2015

Learning from Interpretations

The LFI-Problog algorithm, for doing inference on probabilistic logic programs.

05 October 2015

Finding Counterexamples from Parsing Conflicts

How the CUP parser generator explains conflicts.

19 September 2015


A system for implementing and verifying distributed algorithms.

12 September 2015

Push/Pull for Transactions

A unified model for understanding many transactional systems.

29 July 2015

Coverability for Vector Addition Systems

Vector addition systems are a model of computation. For this model, coverability is one of the easiest decision problems. This post presents an old (1978) upper bound, with accompanying code.