27 September 2009

Celebrity gossip and physics mix well

A short review of Gina.

I have recently finished reading Gina says a (free) book by Gil Kalai. My opinion: not light bedtime reading! Indeed, I started reading at 11pm and finished around 3am... because I couldn't stop. But I was joking: It is fairly light reading. It is also quite depressing and should be hidden from high-school students trying to choose a career path. (Yes, I'm joking again: I don't really think hiding data is a good way of attracting kids to science.) On the other hand, I think it has great potential in popularizing some nice mathematical results.

If you like gossip about celebrities you will certainly love this book!


Anonymous said...

Thanks; ... but I tried to avoid celebrity gossip as much as I can. Where did you find it? --Gil

rgrig said...

Secret Blogging Seminar linked to What mathematicians need to know about blogs (n-category cafe) linked to Gina. I felt like reading something but was too tired for "serious" things. (Incidentally, since I watch and sometimes even read your blog I knew about Gina from your original post, but back then I decided that it would take too much time and skipped it. The page count was intimidating, but I now know that fonts are BIG.)

rgrig said...

As to where did I find celebrity gossip :)... I have a rather peculiar understanding of the word "celebrity" (Hilbert, Godel, Bayes, Arrow, etc.) and perhaps even of the word "gossip".

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