09 May 2008

Course feedback

The school organizes for feedback to be collected for every course. Today I got this back for the first course I taught:

+Was the course satisfactory overall? 75%
++Was the course interesting? 89%
-Was there enough time to cover the material? 57%
Was the course well organized, with clear links between lectures?64%
-Was the level of difficulty suitable for you? 57%
++Was the recommended text suitable? 82%
-Was the lecturer's spoken delivery clear? 57%
+Were the visual aids helpful and appropriate? 75%
Was the supplemental material helpful? 68%
Was the material well paced? 68%
+Was the material presented in an interesting matter? 79%
++Did the lecturer inspire you? 86%
--Was the feedback and help from demonstrators good? 43%
-Were there enough demonstrators to help the class? 50%
--Did computer facilities work well during the term? 50%
Was the connection between practicals and lectures clear?64%
+Did practicals help you understand course content? 79%
++Was there an appropriate amount of practical work on the course?82%
Other issues
Was someone available if you needed help? 61%
+Was the lecturer helpful in answering questions? 75%
-Were tests/exams fair and appropriate? 57%
+Did you learn a lot from this course? 79%
+Did you put a lot of effort into this course? 79%
Additional comments
a lot of content
best course of the year

The class had 28 students and 7 handed in feedback forms.

The numbers show that if I do this again I need to:

  • establish a tighter relation with the demonstrators
  • improve my spoken English
  • rethink the way the evaluation is done

I am surprised by the last issue: The evaluation was done almost entirely using an automated judge and I thought that the students liked it. Maybe they wanted more MCQs and less programming assignments. Or perhaps they wanted more partial credit for partial solutions.

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