11 January 2007

The antivirus I use

Yesterday I discovered that my wife's computer was full of viruses. I installed the antivirus that I usually run on my computer and it seemed to fix the problem. As a thank you note to the development team, here is just a little bit of advertisement: To protect your computer you should consider using Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic. It's free for personal use and it gets updated daily. It rocks!


Vlad said...

I've gotten good results using AVG's free version and I've head good things about avast! and ClamWin as well (though I haven't tested them).

Anyway, probably doesn't matter much which antivirus you're using as long as you're using one and it has some basic features such as real-time/resident scanning/shielding and automatic updating through the Internet.

rgrig said...

Avast was installed on the computer that turned out to have about 15 malware programs (including 'standard' viruses). I'm also a bit suspicious of antivirus software that has an user interface that looks as an mp3 player: It indicates that programmers are spending time on the wrong things.

I don't have any experience with AVG.

mafokoj said...

hey bro thanks for the link i just installed AntiVir but the virus definitions files are outdated(5.2006) i can't detect anything with it(but I am sure I infected!). I seen an option where you can update the AVG file manually, so can you please send me these files if possible to my m-a-i-l its : j-m-a-f-o-k-o at g-m-a-i-l dot com ,without the '-'s.

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