12 June 2005

Mail, categories, haskell and rewriting

Lots of exciting stuff happened lately. Unfortunately I don't have time to write about it :) I am awake at this late hour only because I'm printing something. While my printer is working I'll write a post.

I wrote in a recent entry that I'll try to read email only once every two days. I realize now that is lame. I like a lot better when someone answers promptly to my emails. So the guideline changes. I'll try to answer personal emails as they come. For that I'll check a few times a day my mailbox. BUT.. I will still read mailinglists/forums only once every two days. That is the real time consumer. All kinds of not-relevant information. The "interesting thread" system seems to work rather well, especially combined with gmail's "stared messages".

What am I printing? Recently I've tried to read some papers that use a lot of categorical jargon so I had to refresh my memory. The online reference I've liked most is a set of lecture notes by Barr and Wells designed with an CS audience in mind. I had those printed in (very) small letters and eventually I got tired of hurting my eyes. So now I'm printing those in normal size.

In order to understand those papers I also need to learn something. That's what I'm going to do tomorrow first thing :) Of course, I don't expect to learn a language in one day but I hope that by the end of the day I'll be able to solve a few easy problems from SPOJ using Haskell. I'll need to leave my home computer running so I can ssh to it and have access to the compiler.

I have also read about rewriting systems. A few weeks ago I've found an interesting article by Raluca Sauciuc (Data Structure Verification). Anyway I have contacted her and one of the things I wanted was a copy of the article "Simple word problems in universal algebra", by Knuth and Bendix that was in the references section. (By know you probably know that I rather like things written by Knuth; the "musings" videos aren't that great) She didn't had them but she pointed me to an informal presentation on the Internet. If I have some time I'd like to implement what I've read there to check my understanding.

Good night.

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